Betsy Ross and the First American Flag

Her story is unique and a good tradition for our nation.  She was a Philadelphia Quaker. According to
he story in June 1776, George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris called on Betsy Ross and
told her that they, as a Committee of Congress, wanted her to make for the an American flag according
to a sketch they had.  She told them that she would try.  After the Flag was completed, the Committee
submitted it to Congress and it was unanimously adopted, thereby giving Betsy Ross the honor of
having made the first American Flag.

Historians argue over whether she actually made the first flag without evidence.  The story is based on
family stories.  There are no records in the Congress about who created the first flag.  No
correspondence, diaries of the time, public or private, have ever been published.  But the story of Betsy
Ross and the first flag satisfies a need which is fine.


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