Frederick Douglass
He was born in 1817 to a slave woman and a white man in Tuckahoe, Maryland.  Frederick grew up
a slave and as a young man escaped further north to New York and became the most important black
abolishnist of the 19th century.  He attacked slavery not just because it was directly opposed to all for
which America stood.  He was sponsored by William Lloyd Garrison an ardent white abolishnist and
editor of a famous newspaper.  Douglass became a great orator in the United States.  He spent two
years in England speaking against slavery.  When the Civil War began Douglass urged President
Lincoln to recruit black soldiers.  His two sons were of the first to join the Northern Army.  Douglass
would advise Lincoln and serve in capacities under five other Presidents after Lincoln.  Douglass
would pass away in 1895 and his legacy was to let people know that slavery was an enemy of man's
growth and development.

1. The Rise of the Negro Nation, 1969.