Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
So much has been written about Dr. King that only greatness can be said of him.  He was born in
January 1929.    His father was a good southern pastor from Stockbridge, GA.  Dr. King fought hard
during the Civil Rights movement to bring about a change in our nation for the better.  He spoke so
eloquently to the masses about the rights of mankind regardless of his skin color.  His lifetime brought
hard fought battles trying to get people the right to be able to eat at the same lunch counter, ride the
same bus, and use the same restrooms.  Dr. King for his special efforts of doing so much for mankind
received the Nobel Peace Prize.  Dr. King's life was cut short by an assasins bullet in April 1968 at
Memphis, TN.  But his message continues today of a dream where men would be known not for their
color but for their mind.


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