President Andrew Jackson

                  Born March 15, 1767              Died June 8, 1845

Andrew Jackson was born at the Waxhaw Settlement on the North Carolina-South Carolina
border.  His education came mostly through experiences in life.  But later he studied law.  As a
young man he moved to Tennessee and built his home which he called “The Hermitage.â€�  He
helped to create the constitution and government of Tennessee.

He was a very outspoken and often crude individual.

He was with his sharpshooters the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.  He was
also victorious over the Seminole Indian uprising.

Being so popular with the common individual he was elected President of the United States and
served two terms in office.  He would place political favorites in office which encouraged the â
€œspoils system.â€�  President Jackson through his exploits holds a powerful and unique position
in American History.


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