Robert E. Lee
This great and honorable man was born on January 19, 1807 in Virginia.  His greatness came during
the American Civil War.  West Point trained, he would leave the U.S. Army to head the  Army of
Northern Virginia.  His great tactics of war won his army many a battle.  But without proper supplies
and the weakness of many of his subordinate leaders General Lee would be forced to surrender his
Army at Appomattox Court House after the fall of Richmond.  He surrendered to General U.S. Grant
who gave him good simple terms and they parted as friends.  He had treated Lee with the utmost
respect.  General Lee would live about five more years after the war and passed away in 1870.  His
home of Arlington had been taken away to make a cemetery so he would  never return there.  Lee's
tactics are still taught at West Point.  There are many monuments to the man even a carving on Stone
Mountain Georgia to remember the honorable man he was.


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