Woodrow Wilson

President Wilson would do everything he could to keep America out of WWI.  He was a very smart
man who was from Virginia but raised in Augusta, GA. and knew the ugliness of war.  Mr. Wilson
fought on the side of peace.  Even after we entered teh War he was still seeking a peaceful solution.  
He would be the father of the League of Nations after the War that would be the fore runner of the
United Naitons years later.
It was during this time that his greatness was brought out as he spoke of peace and ways to maintain
peace.  He had suffered a stroke while in the White House and continued to serve with the aid of his
wife.  Woodrow Wilson had a vision of the future where the United States would be the nation to lead
the world although the future that would be there to unfold as time would show a new war waiting in
the wings.

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