Hambrick-James Cemetery.
The Hambrick-James  Cemetery is located on Flat Shoals Church Rd (formerly Gardner Rd) at
the intersection of  Old Conyers Rd  Henry County.  The site is in Land Lot 130
And the property is owned by a Mr. Robert Hinton.  The cemetery is located behind a barn in
back of his home.  The graves are those of Joseph and Nancy Hambrick  and
Josiah and Sarah Hambrick.  She was the daughter of  Joseph and Nancy.  They had
A son whose name was Dr. Joseph Hambrick  who married  Elizabeth Price and he
Became the first physician in Old Stockbridge and is buried in the Burke Cemetery in
Stockbridge.  We were denied access to the cemetery by Mr. Hinton  so we could not
Get up close photographs of the graves and a proper GPS reading.  We did get a satellite
Photo of the cemetery and will be posted here.  Also the numbered address of the  property is 904
Flat Shoals Ch Rd.  The approximated GPS reading is 33.35N 84.12W.
This cemetery is approximately 1750 feet north of the Hambrick Cemetery containing
3 graves.