Hambrick Family Cemetery survey Land Lot 127

This cemetery is located on Old Conyers RD near the intersection of Flat Shoals Church RD. It is
on private property owned by Old Conyers Rd LLC , registered agent Jeff Grant.  The cemetery
is approximately 1200 ft from the road to the SW of the home
Of the former Mr. William Hinton now deceased. Henry County Zoning knows that the
Cemetery is on the property and is on the site plans for the community to be built on the
Property.  We will keep an eye on the situation as the project progresses. We could not
Gain access to the property to get proper photos and GPS readings are approximate.
The graves are those of three unmarried Hambrick daughters who died of typhoid fever.
They are the sisters of  Dr. Joseph Hambrick who became the first physician in Old Stockbridge.  
His grave is at the Burke Cemetery in Stockbridge.  They were the daughters of Joseph and
Nancy Hambrick.  A disclaimer: Typhoid disease should not
Be disturbed even after a long period of time because the organism that causes typhoid
Has a long half life that could still be in the soil.  The bodies of those who die from typhoid usually
are cremated but apparently these were not.  Information was gathered
From Mrs. Rainer’s  Cemetery Book and an article of a Elizabeth Milligan.  The GPS
Reading is approximated at 33.34N 84.12W.