Hooten-Rock Cemetery  GPS  33 26.340N 84 00.391W   EL. 783 Ft.

This cemetery has been known for years as the Rock Cemetery.  The old road bed which
passes the cemetery is the Indian Shoals Rd. that was there before Hwy 81.  This is one of
the oldest cemeteries in Henry County.  The Hooten Family came here from South Carolina
with the Stroud family and settled in this area in 1811 before the county was established.  
The family was one of the first to settle west of the South River.  This cemetery has a
bronzes plaque just inside the entrance telling about the cemetery.  The cemetery is badly
overgrown.  The cemetery is on private property along Hwy 81.  The county should step in
since the cemetery is evidently abandoned and the cemetery is of historical significance
because of the early settlers who are buried here and the nice rock wall that was placed
around the cemetery.  The CRG will maintain a vigilance on this site to see that it is