A Story About Gold

A gentleman told this story about 34 years ago to me. Many people of the Stockbridge area have
heard this story before.

In the days of old Stockbridge a man lived in the area of where Flat Rock Rd is today. He raised
cotton and would take it to market and return with payment in gold. It has been said the man lived
west of old Conyers Rd and he did not trust banks. He was supposed to have hidden his gold in
containers on his farm.

The man became deathly ill and the doctor was sent for. He told them to carry him and he would
show them where his gold was hidden. From his house he was taken toward old Conyers Rd but
he died on the trip. Many people have searched the area for the gold. Even people have looked
on the church property. Some have wondered if it is under Flat Rock Rd. Nobody knows where
the gold might be, but many as I wonder if the story is just a story. But it is a good one.