The Big McDonough Fire

Henry County Weekly--September 25, 1903

The Business district of McDonough meets its first calamity of it's history.  In an emergency edition of
the paper it spoke of the big fire.  It is remarkable that the first buildings to be consumed by fire in
McDonough since it's founding about eighty years ago.  No one knows how the fire began.  On
Sunday afternoon the alarm was sounded at 5:30 PM when flames could be seen coming from the
upstairs room over the stables where the feed stuff was kept in the large D.J. Green building.  In a very
short time the fire spread to the five adjacent brick rooms.  Here are a list of the losses:

1. D.J. Green building worth $6,000.
2. D.J. Green stock of goods $15,000.
3. A.A. Lemon, the three store rooms at $3,000.
4. B.B. Carmichael & Sons storage room $1,000.
5. The Henry County Weekly Office $2,000.
6. T.D. Stewart store room $1,000.
7. On the south side of the public square, T.A. Sloan & Co., W.O. Welch, McDonough Drug Co.,
and B.B. Carmichael & Sons were all considerably damaged but most of their goods were removed.
8. Barber Shop of T.M. Hendon across the street slightly damaged by the heat.

The huge fire could be seen for miles around McDonough.  And many people came from every
direction.  Some heroic work was done by many citizens and it will be a scene of rememberance for
years.  The only person to lose his life in the fire was a black gentleman by the name of Finley Gray
from Hampton.  He was bravely at work when a wall fell upon him and he was consumed.

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