Bus Service Comes to Henry

When Hwy 42 was paved in 1931 from Atlanta to Macon.  Paces Bus Line made a schedule through the
county.  There were stops all along the way in all the towns along Hwy 42.  Then in 1934 Route 42 was
opened by the Greyhound Bus Lines.  With these new bus lines through the county it also brought new
businesses to the county.  Fuel stops and restaurants with other businesses grew along the way.  So
getting Hwy 42 paved and the new bus service was a boom for Henry County.  Here is a side note about
the paving of  Hwy 42.  At the old bowling alley just north of the park in McDonough used to sit a large
rolling machine for highway work.  It broke down and was left there. It wasn’t moved until a few
years ago.


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Bus Service
Comes To Henry!!