The Camp Creek Train Wreck
                                                June 23, 1900

The Camp Creek Train Wreck has been written about by many.  The basic fact is that on the stormy
night of June 23, 1900, the train bound for Atlanta came upon the washed out trestle of Camp Creek
north of McDonough.  This would be the worse
loss of life of any train accident in Georgia history with 39 lives lost.   The trestle
was rebuilt and the site can be seen on the left of Hwy 42 just north of McDonough.
The Camp Creek Bridge over the creek on Hwy 42 has been replaced in the last
30 years with a culvert.  This tragedy shook the community and would bring out the good in our


1. The Mother of Counties, Mrs. Rainer, 1971.
2. Photo in the 1971 book of the 150th Anniversary of Henry County. Photo was by Robert Andrews
of Atlanta.
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