Another Disaster of the 1900 Flood

On the night of June 23, 1900 when the flood caused the Camp Creek Train Wreck  there was another
disaster in the works.  The big grist mill belonging to Dr. J.S. Heflin and Mr. Wayman Price of Locust
Grove was destroyed.  The mill house and dam gave way to the flood waters.   No one was killed here
in this incident but a lot of property down stream was heavily damaged by the flooding.  They
immediately had the dam and mill  reconstructed to serve the community.
Mr. Jim M. Lester went into business in 1904 with Dr. Heflin and Mr. Price.  Then Mr. L.L. Pitts
acquired the entire interest in the property which became known as Lester’s Mill.  This was one of
the oldest landmarks in the area.


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