Early Visitor To Henry County

In the year 1790, George Washington wanted to have the Cherokee and Creek Nations on good terms with the
new United States.  So he sent a contingent of soldiers to visit with the tribes in the area.

They first visited Stone Mountain which the Indians and white men saw as something very strange this giant rock
protruding from the ground.  The native Americans called the site Lone Mountain.  The soldiers found it very

There were already pioneering families living in the area that had made friends with their native American
neighbors.  After visiting the tribal settlement at the mountain then they would be guided south along what is
known as the Stagecoach Road today.  Then it was an extension of the Hightower Trail and led all the way to
Cusseta which is Columbus today.

The Creek Indians met the expedition at where old Stockbridge is today on the Cotton Indian River.  Here they
would spend the night.  They made notes of the area as it was a frontier land settled here and there with trappers
and others seeking a new home.  This area would become Henry County 31 years later in 1821.  But this gives a
glimpse of one of the many expeditions that would be made to the region.

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Old Concord Cemetery on Old Stagecoach Rd site of Old Stockbridge Ga.