Two Important Funeral Trains
                              John B. Gordon & President F. D. Roosevelt

The John B. Gordon Funeral Train  came to McDonough on January 15, 1904.
The funeral train carrying the remains of General John B. Gordon CSA stopped
for a short time in McDonough.  Col. Charles T. Zachry CSA attended his funeral
in Atlanta.  An old friend saying goodbye.

The President F.D. Roosevelt Funeral Train passed through McDonough with the body
of the late President on Friday April 13, 1945.  All the businesses in McDonough closed their doors
for a couple of hours at midday as a tribute to the memory of the dead President whose flag draped
body passed through the town at 12:40 PM on the special funeral train headed for the nation's
capitol.  Several thousand people gathered
along the railway line to await the coming of the train to pay their respects.  This was a
solemn hour in our nation's history.


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