This site is devoted to the interesting facts and things that have happened here in
Henry County.  It will shed light on the many diverse people and activities that have
occurred over it's long history.  Henry County is both rich in history  from the War
years to the average people and facts that have been such a wonderful glimpse of
Americana.  We here at the CRG thoroughly hope that this site will invite the mind to
delve into the past and present of our county.
                                       The Staff at the CRG
Atlanta Pop Festival (Hampton GA)
Johnson's Red Hill
Henry County's Gold Mines
The Movie House in McDonough
Two Important Funeral Trains Pass Thru The County
The Paving of Hwy 42 in Henry County
Camp Creek Train Wreck
Weather Records of Henry County
Henry County's Connection to the Moon Landing
Locust Grove Hidden Treasure
Stockbridge of the 1970s
Original Layout Map of Henry County
The Big McDonough Fire of 1903
The Big McDonough Fire of 1910
The 150th Anniv. of Henry County GA
Mr. William Beck
1900 Disaster at Lesters Mill
Mid 19th Century Decline of McDonough
A Story About Gold
McDonough's Pools
President Eisenhower & Henry County
Bus Service Comes to Henry!!
The 1916 Earthquake
The old Court Houses of Henry County
Phone Service
The First Jail House
The Old Cork Tree
The Smoak Road Incident
The Passing of Mr. John F. Ward
The Passing of Mr. William (Bill) Meeks Gardner
The Old Mulberry Tree In McDonough, GA
Washington Politicians Buried In
Henry County Georgia
Early Visitor to Henry County
The Passing of Mr. Larry Craig
The Connection of Clayton & Henry Counties
to First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama
Civil War Veteran Buried In Flat Rock Cemetery