The Old Jail House

The land for the old Jail House was sold to Abel Lemon, Thomas Speer, Charles Walker, George M. Nolan and
John Stillwell who were the Justices of the Inferior Court by Levi Cloud on November 3, 1855.  The price was
$50.00 for this jail lot, part of the town lot, northeast corner of the Public Square being town lot no. 3 and no. 8.  
The site ran northeast to the cross street in front of John Stillwell’s home and then west to Alex Lemons lot and
then south to Humphrey Tomlinsons shoe shop. The lot ran east from the shoe shop and then south along the
public square to Gwinnett Street and the old Market House then north 30ft across street including Dekalb and
Gwinnett streets.

By 1888 the jail had run it’s usefulness and it would be sold at auction.  By November 1888 the new jail had been
built at a cost of $5,000.  That jail would undergo renovations, but a new jail would arise on the Hampton Hwy.  
Now a brand new modern jail is on Henry Parkway.

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