Johnsons Hill
This red clay hill was situated one mile east of the Court House on Keys Ferry Rd.
The main way to town had to be made over this hill because on one side was low land and the other
was a stream.  On top of this hill was a cottage styled house painted red.
The hill was owned by Red Hill Johnson a Confederate soldier who died in the Civil War.  His estate
was finally settled in 1869 and Captain A.C. Sloan bought the place and owned it until his death.
It was decided to grade down Johnson Hill and work began in 1904.  The hill would be graded even
more by 1905 for the road to pass.  By 1969, the hill was graded even more for construction of a
home.  This site is at the McDonough Public Library on Hwy 81 east of town.  This red clay hill would
have been quite a site today.

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