Locust Grove Gold
This story was published in the Henry County newspaper several years ago.  According to folklore, a
wealthy farmer who lived in town, across the railroad tracks on Jackson Street, buried a large amount
of money.  The banks were not considered secure in 1895 and hoarding was the thing to do at the
time.  As the story goes, the man refused to tell his wife wher he buried his treasure, even though she
asked him repeatedly.  One day the man became ill and asked to be taken to a town doctor.  While
waiting on the porch for is buggy, his wife asked him again where the  money was hidden.  The farmer
reportedly told her that he wasn't going to die and then enroute to the doctor had a stroke and died.  
The only clue he left was that the burial spot could be seen from the front porch.  According to then
Henry General Hospital chairman Joseph Brown, a Locust Grove resident, people still talk about the
mysterious treasure.  However, to that time no one had found it.  He said, "I've heard the story for
about 20 years and people have dug all around Jackson Street for it."  "The house is supposedly the
old Gardner home at the end of Jackson Street.  Mr. Brown says that people have come from as far
away  as Washington, D.C. to search for the fortune, which is said could range from $40,000 to $1
million.  The Locust Grove resident says fortune hunters have only  dug in the yard, but adds that a
huge peach orchard is visible from the porch and that the hidden fortune could be anywhere.


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