McDonough’s Two Old Swimming Pools

The first pool was constructed by D.T. Carmichael.  He had work started on it in May 1916 and
completed by June.  The pool was 40ft. by 80ft. in size.  Today the lake on Hwy 155 north of
McDonough where the Reeves family lived is the site of that old pool.

The second swimming pool was built in 1950.  Then in 1952 the pool came under the management
of the Henry County Kiwanis Club.  There was no charge for use of the pool and the Red Cross
made use of the pool to teach swimming lessons.  The pool was helpful for giving an opportunity for
the Boy Scouts to qualify for their merit badges.

McDonough was proud of it’s outdoor pool and it was operated for about twelve years.

The Kiwanis Club made a very good objective of bringing some enjoyable times for many children at
the old McDonough Swimming Pool.


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