The Movie House in McDonough
In 1935, Mr. E.P. Clay who was a native of Windsor, Illinois and a pioneer in bringing moving
pictures in the form of a traveling  tent show to rural southern areas.  He brought the theater to the
square in McDonough and provided the best in movies.  When he died in December 1959, his
daughter Martha Clay Reeves, wife of B.P. Reeves, took over the day to day operation of the
theater.  She kept this job until
1965.  The peak of the theater going was 1940 and by 1966 had been replaced by
TV.  When Mr. Clay passed away he also had movie houses in Hampton and Woodbury.  The
property was sold in 1970 and the Peanut Palace moved into the movie house to showcase singing
groups both local and well known.  The last movie to run at the theater was The Ghost and Mr.
Chicken with Don Knotts. Today the building is known as Clay Plaza.


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