Stockbridge of the 1970's

Stockbridge did not always have the bridge over the railroad tracks.  In the below photograph you
will see that Stockbridge looked much different 30 years ago.  The bridge was not built yet to relieve
the traffic problems caused by the train.  The buildings on the left are no longer there.  As one can see
the road was only a two lane at that time.  In the far left one can see the old Walden-Turner Home
that was a hotel during the early part of the 20th century.  The home was on the National Historic
Register and was recently demolished by the City to make room for a fountain.  The old truck seen
coming toward the camera belonged and is driven by the late father of the author of this piece.  Times
may change, but we still have our memories.

1. The Henry Weekly Advertiser, Nov. 1977.