Henry County’s Superior Courthouse

Henry County’s first Superior (Inferior) Court was in order on June 10, 1822 at William Ruff’s house.  The
County built it’s first courthouse in 1823 in the middle of what would become McDonough’s town square.  
This wooden structure burned in 1823 and no one really knows what served as the county courthouse for
over seven years.  There has been some discussion that a local house just south of the main town was
used for court proceedings.

Then in 1831, a new brick courthouse was built on the town square and it served as the courthouse until
the new three story building was built in 1897 just off the square to the north.  The old courthouse faced
the Union Soldiers, as well as, those of the Confederacy on more than one occasion.  The square became
a park with  a large Confederate Statue in the middle.  The fire of 1823 destroyed those records kept in
the courthouse up till then.  The Civil War actions destroyed more records prior to 1864.

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