The Telephone Exchange

In the late 1890’s, the poles and phones for the McDonough exchange had been ordered.  This assured the
residents that phone service was on it’s way.  Thirty phones were ordered to begin with by Mr. C. E. McKibben
and the poles are already set and the exchange should be operational within a matter of weeks.  Dr. J. E.
Woods of Woodstown is at the head of the enterprise.  The management of the project will be handled by Mr.

Besides the phones in town, the exchange will extend to Woodstown connecting the homes of Dr. Woods, Mr.
Dickerson who are already connected with Jackson and other phones.  The route of the  phone line will go by
Rape and Ola.

Mr. Kinard will extend the line to Flippen.  This will give Henry County a large coverage of phone lines.  The
people of the time believed that these lines would extend across the entire country.  This was the thinking of
the people of 1899.

Note: Woodstown was on the maps of 1899 and 1915 south of Snapping Shoals.

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