Weather Records of Henry County
(A) Many of the early weather records of Henry County were lost during the Civil War.
On February 13, 1899 a massive snowstorm and blizzard hit the area of not only Georgia but the bulk
of the country.  The temperature was measured at -12 F degrees below zero here and many farm
animals perished.  A relief wagon was sent out to help the poor survive the storm.

(B) There was an earlier cold wave in 1895 during the month of May that killed the cotton crop.

(C) There would be some very harsh ice storms also.  The storm of 1960 shut down everything for
3-4 days.  But the big ice storm of Jan. 10, 1973 would cripple the area for about 2 weeks.  Our area
was without power for nearly that long.  Then the blizzard of March 1993 would again cripple the area
with snow drifts and very bitterly cold temps with winds of hurricane force.

(D) There would be some very hot spells in 1930, 1952, and 1980.  The temps would break 100
degrees F in the Henry County area.  This would also precipitate some dry weather.

(E) There would also be some very wet seasons also.  The year 1948 came in as the wettest year with
over 70 inches of rainfall while 1954 would be the driest.  In 1994, when tropical storm Alberto
visited the area there was widespread flooding with serious damage to roads and property.

(F) The county would also experience some really bad tornadoes over the years.  For example: the
Christmas Eve tornado of 1964 that moved across the entire county and did a lot of damage in it's
path including Shingleroof Campground.  Then another very large tornado struck on March 8, 1973
which took this author's home.
The storm traveled all the way to Greenwood, S.C.   Cancelled checks from a residence in north
Henry County were found there.


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2. Personal Weather records dating back to the 1960's.