Jesse Bentley Family Cemetery GPS  33 34.143N 84 08.436W  Elevation 775 Ft

Jesse Bentley was a Revolutionay War Veteran.  He and several of his family members are buried on
the property along the dirt section of Hemphill Rd off Hwy 155.  There are no markers for these
people.  Mr. Bentley drew this property in the land lottery of 1827.
Mr. Jesse Bentley passed away in 1836.  Mrs. Rainer found the site years ago where only some grave
sized field stones were next to a Large cedar tree to the west of where the old home sat.  The two story
log structure burned in the late 1950’s.
John Bentley his son had the property until his daughter who married Noah J. Bowen acquired the land.
The property became known as the Bowen place for years.  It has been related to the CRG that on the
property to the SW of this along the paved portion of the Hemphill Rd that there are slave graves.  This
is very possible as Mr. John Bentley owned slaves.  It is reported on the 1850 census he owned 15
slaves at that time.  None of these graves are marked and it would be a shame for future generations to
have these graves built over if the land is acquired by others than who own it today.  The fact that a
Revolutionary Veteran is buried there makes this an historic piece of land.
Mr. Noah J. Bowen and his wife are buried in the Bowen Family Cemetery down to the south near
Kelleytown Rd.   He was a CSA soldier.