John Clark Family Cemetery  GPS 33 37.964N  84 14.893W  LL 230 of 12th dist.
This cemetery is located on private property behind a home at 559 Clark Drive at the
intersection of Coffee Lane.  This is north of Fairview Road.  The homeowners may or may
not grant access to the cemetery since it is behind their home.  This cemetery was first
located by Franklin Garrett in 1945.  At that time he found the following:  He said there
were only 3 graves in a cleared field planted with corn.  All the graves are marked with box
tombs inscribed on top.  Today though there are homes in the area instead of the cornfield.
 The box tombs are solid reinforced  concrete which may be, but probably are not , original.
Those buried here are the following:
John Clark born in 1841 and died in 1921
Milley Clark born in 1833 and died in 1893
G.W. Dodson  born in 1823 and died in 1883

Again this family is one of the first to settle the area and it is important to keep their graves
protected and at the same time available to the families of those buried there.