This photo looking north shows the cemetery in a depression created by build up
of the surrounding area.
Looking West showing drain flow
The above two photo's show the proximity of the retention pond and it's steep bank
on the north side of the cemetery where water washes into the graveyard.
Looking N W showing basin created by developers.
The top photo is from 2008 and the bottom photo is from 2007 showing how the
tombstones in the cemetery are now leaning due to the ground becoming unstable
from the rainfall being funneled into the cemetery.  In the 2007 photo the stones are
not leaning but in the 2008 photo they are.
The two photo's above show the depression the cemetery is sitting in.  The first
photo indicates the graves with very green grass above them indicating that the water
is getting down into the grave area to bring up organic material to feed the grass.
Those graves are just a bit lower than the graves in the second photo.
The grass isn't green above those graves.
Photo showing man made depression
Photo taken from ground level looking north one can see that the cemetery is lying
in a depression made by a retention pond and fill dirt on the east, south, and west
sides of the cemetery.  You can just make out the top of the largest tombstone.
Photos from 2007