Kelley/Green Cemetery GPS 33 32.366N 84 05.080W Elevation 783 Feet

This is a very old cemetery that is today inside the Magnolia Place Subdivision.  There are two very
important people buried here.  One being Mr. Reuben Kelley who was one of the very first settlers in
Henry County.  Kelleytown gets it's name from him.
The other is Henry F. Green who was in Co K 22nd GA Regt CSA and received the
Southern Cross of Honor in 1911.  He was wounded in the leg at the battle of Gettysburg on July 2,
This cemetery has received very serious damage at sometime in the recent past.
There has been a drainage ditch dug through the cemetery.  There are broken
tombstones in the bottom of the ditch.  This has been reported to the proper authorities
with the County and the State.  We are watching to see what happens with this cemetery as it is to be
watched over by the County as it has no owner.  It is a shame that these important people of our past
have been disturbed.  The ditch is quite wide and very deep and access to the cemetery would have
to be gained from the property owners on either side of it to see the cemetery.  Whom ever did this
damage knew better and it is truly a shame that no one has found it until now.  One would think that
people in the area would have said something to the proper authorities when the damage had
occurred or even that the County inspectors would have seen this damage.
We will have further updates on the situation as we get the information.
Archaeological Report

Some of the members of the Cemetery Research Group visited the Kelley-Green
Cemetery on January 15, 2010 to see if any changes had been made since contact
was made with the local commissioner in the fall of 2008 & 2009 about repairing
and filling in the ditch which is very dangerously close to some graves.  One of these
graves is of a Civil War Veteran  who later received the Southern Cross of Honor.  
The cemetery had some of the tall brush removed  at sometime but it is not clear as
to who did the clearing.
The ditch still remains and nothing has been done to it.

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