The CRG went to the McDonough Cemetery on March 7, 2009 and discovered that
someone has dumped dirt and debris in the back section of the cemetery where the
paupers graves are located.  There is concrete pieces, dirt, and hydraulic fluid or oil
spilled in the area.  The loader used to spread the debris ran over graves and some
of the flat markers up near the road. The tracks could be clearly seen. The photo's
included here will show the debris dumped in the cemetery.  It is sad to see the
area dumped upon. These poor people could not help their station in life and they
are people who still deserve dignity.  Hopefully, this situation will be rectified soon.  
The EPD will be notified of the liquids spilled within the cemetery to see if any
action is warranted from them.  If anyone knows who do this action please contact
the local authorities with the information.
The Staff at the CRG