McDonough City Cem GPS 33 26.211N 84 08.715W  Elevation 861 feet

The McDonough City Cemetery is the second for McDonough.  The cemetery is quite large.  There
are graves from all phases of McDonough history.  There are many soldiers from all wars here and
some founding fathers of the county are here.  Ezekiel Cloud's new grave is here but in disrepair.  The
coping around the grave is fallen apart and needs fixing.  The grave of Civil War hero Col. Charles T.
Zachry needs repair to it's coping around the gravesite.  There are graves with damage to them as
well as cedar trees growing through them.  The cemetery is well kept from trash and the grounds are
kept well but there are graves that do need repair.  This might be a good cemetery for
individuals or groups to adopt graves to keep up.  It would be a good project and we are sure the
City of McDonough would not mind volunteer work on this cemetery.
Desecration has taken place
Update as of March 23,2009