Still Desecrating a Cemetery

On March 23, 2009, the CRG made two trips to the McDonough City Cemetery.  One trip was
made in the morning to see if anything had been done with the previous dumping and nothing had
changed.  We also discovered where two trees had been cut and destroyed someones toombstone.  
During the second trip later in the day it was realized that more dumping upon  the debris pile had
occurred while we were absent.  There is clear indication that a heavy tandem wheeled truck drove
right across the middle of the cemetery where there are many unmarked graves.  This is just not right..
 We photographed the further debris and the tracks across the cemetery. This type of desecration
needs to stop and if it is being done by city workers then who is ordering them to do so and who
ordered the trees to be cut that damaged the grave near the little metal gazebo sitting area.  This is in
the oldest part of the cemetery and hopefully if enough people complain something will be done about

The Staff at the CRG