Train wreck between Milner and Barnesville, GA  Cemetery Site  Lamar County
During the evacuation of Atlanta General John Bell Hood ordered a train to send wounded
soldiers south out of harms way.  The train was not announced to the railroad
And it was running  blind down the Macon & Western Railway line.  The engine for
The train was the Dispatch..  There was another train that had left
Macon  carrying supplies and the engine was called The Governor.  The trains collided
In the early morning hours of September 1, 1864 at Lavenders Curve between Milner
And Barnesville.  It was a horrendous accident.  According to official records 31 were killed and
many more were wounded.  The dead were buried along the railroad tracks
On a hill at the corner of Canna  Fax Rd as it crossed the railroad tracks.  This is just
Above the train wreck site.  There are no markers at the graves.  According to a local
Citizen there were markers at one time but they were stolen and are under someone’s
House in the area.   To get to the site take  Hwy 41 to Old Milner Rd. Then follow Old Milner Rd
south approximately 2 miles and turn right on Canna Fax Rd. Cross the tracks
And look to the right and the cemetery is on a hillside inside a barbed wire fenced field.
This site needs to be marked because of the historical significance of it.