Mission Statement

In today’s fast pace to make as much money as fast as you can and cut any corners, it is
important that we protect those who came before us.

With building so rampant in Henry County Georgia it is very important that we watch over our
Cemeteries and make sure every thing is done the right way whenever some thing is built near
one. We have seen various ways that a cemetery is dealt with when it is found in a development
area.  Some developers recognize the importance of saving a cemetery because of its history
and the honor of respecting the dead.  We have seen instances where a developer will put a
privacy fence around the cemetery to preserve it and protected it at great expense to him.  We
have also seen the bad side of some developers that will cut off access to the cemetery in order
not to halt construction and save money and time.  Some developers will even not report a
cemetery they find and just build over it. And the authorities have been notified with no action
taken. The bad developers need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. And the
authorities need to be held accountable.  If you just think about it, when someone buys a burial
plot in their mind they are buying it for an eternity, most old family cemeteries were on private
property that is being sold to developers or not being taken care of by the present owners.  Not
until A unscrupulous developer comes along and wants to build over it.  These developers have
no sense of honor and are morally bankrupt.  We believe that Henry County needs to have
better laws such as the State has in force
Pertaining to cemeteries.

A Cemetery is an extraordinary place; it is where people go to remember their love ones
After they have passed. It is also a great research place about history. It is everyone’s
responsibility to see that those who came before us are looked after even if they have family left.
It may be too late for some Cemeteries in Henry County, but we still need to know what
happened to them so we can honor the people.
We will use all the resources that we can to bring the Cemetery condition to the publics
Awareness, and do every thing we can to protect, preserve and defend the Cemeteries
Of Henry County Georgia.