Another Cemetery To Be Moved

A motion has been filed to move an old African American Cemetery known as Mt. Olive
cemetery in Buckhead. Family members have filed an injunction in Fulton County Court to try and
stop the developer from moving their family members. This is part of the historical Macedonia

This is another instance where those buried long ago in graves they felt would never be bothered
are planning to be disrupted. Why do developers feel they must disturb the resting places of those
buried long ago? That answer is simple GREED. The dead make no money for them. So when
they get in the way they are either moved or just built over such has been done here in Henry

Most of the time the courts issue a resolution to move the cemetery so it will not hold back
progress. And in the process demeaning the idea that those laid to rest would do so forever. Even
in death we are not assured peace.

The Staff at the CRG.