Dekalb County Should be Ashamed

There is a group of folks who have been supplying cemetery information about DeKalb
County for the Tombstone Transcription Project that we here at the Cemetery Research
Group would like to say thank you to. They are Mary West, Robert Scheur, Nicole Baum-
Mullenix, Theresa Hall, Judy Estes, Teresa Cheek, Larry Childs, Michael Hamilton,
Meredith Clapper, Margaret Bland and Paul Graham. These folks have done an excellent
job going out to the various cemeteries in DeKalb County. The information that they have
reported is very important.
Now The Cemetery Research Group would like to comment on DeKalb County and the
way they have let old family cemeteries, church cemeteries and even perpetual care
cemeteries go down hill. According to records received from the group above they have
found that most of these cemeteries in DeKalb County are in need of serious work. Many
are badly overgrown, trash heaped upon them and gravestones broken and knocked
over. A county as large as DeKalb County with it’s intentions of being a premier county in
the metro Atlanta area should be ashamed of letting it’s past go down hill in this condition.
The history of DeKalb County is buried in these cemeteries and they need to be
respected instead of being forgotten in a patch of weeds and garbage.
The DeKalb County residents should be ashamed because they are letting a man down
who searched out these cemeteries in 1931 and 1932 and logged them before they were
lost. His name was Franklin Garrett who even took the time to update his records in 1934.
As many may not realize the late Mr. Garrett was the best historian of the Atlanta area and
was a key figure in the Atlanta Historical Society. It’s not enough to let down people like
those today who take the time to find these cemeteries, but to let down people like Mr.
Garrett is truly a sad thing.
The Cemetery Research Group would suggest to the DeKalb County government,
churches, and citizens to make a plan to fix these cemeteries. If the county leaders can
find ways to spend the taxpayers money, then several churches build those mega
churches, and the citizens pitch in to help with non-essential things then they can fix their
cemeteries and not be a shame to the area.