Where is Grandpa?
How would you like if on a quiet  Spring day you take your child to see his grandpa's
grave and you get to the site and the cemetery is not there.  Instead you find a
hamburger drive thru where the graveyard used to be.  How would you explain this
to your child?  How would you take the news that the final resting place of your
loved ones has been disturbed and the fact that the developer not only did not move
the cemetery but just built ove the graves.  This has happened all too often, and yes
to say it has happened here in Henry County far too much, and it's time for it to stop.
Through pain staking research we have found some of the sites in the county.  One is
on Willow Lane in a shopping center parking lot, this was a slave cemetery.  The
Dunn Family cemetery was and in our opinion still is at the intersection of Hwy 155
and Hwy 138 under a parking lot. If that is not bad enough, we have learned of
churches being built over cemetery's  and even roads.  When you turn onto
Stagecoach Road from East Atlanta Road  you are driving over a slave cemetery that
was paved over in the mid to late 1950's.   A church on Panola Road in Henry
County  built Sunday School rooms and an Educational Building  on top of the
church slave cemetery.  About one and half years ago we knew of two Glass family
slave cemetery's located on Hwy 42 between Eagles Landing Pkwy and Brannan Rd.
 We got in touch with the County but to no avail.  We were told that the cemetery's
were moved.  However, a search of court records found no documents to support
this claim.  To legally move a cemetery you must get the court's to order it, this is
State and County law.
The CRG has contacted the county on numerous occasions about different
cemetery's.  The Kelley-Green Cemetery was severely damaged when the
subdivision was built.  At first the county told us that the drainage ditch was a natural
depression. After reviewing aerial photo's of before and after the subdivision being
built, the county believed the ditch to be manmade.  The county told us they would
need an archaeological survey done and the county would not pay for  that.  Luckily
one of our members has done that work before.  After the survey was done and
posted on our web site that shows it was man made damage and that there is a severe
erosion problem thta continues to this day.  The county sent us an email that they
wanted to meet us and show us some of their papers on it.  Where did those papers
come from if they don't do this type of work?  The CRG held a meeting of it's senior
members and made the decision that the county was just giving us the run around.  
They had all the information needed to fix the problem.  There is a drainage and soil
erosion problem.  And that the cemetery is considered abandoned and by State and
County law it is the county that must fix it.
We here at the CRG are dedicated to preserve the county cemetery's but we have hit
road blocks when it comes to the Henry County government.  When you see a
cemetery that is in danger let us know.  You can email us at Admin@crghenry.org
But also write  to the county commissioner of the district the cemetery is in, after all
they work for us and it is their job.  Maybe together we can save our cemetery's.  
Remember a cemetery is a Special and Sacred place.  It is where we place our loved
ones  to rest and where we can go and find solace and peace of mind.  The
developers are taking that away from us and the county  is letting them.  Cemetery's
hold our past.  We must cherish them and hold them close or we as a society have
failed to be civilized.  So what wold you tell your child as to where his grandpa is?

The Staff at the CRG