The Old Stockbridge Cemetery  33 33.933N 84 14.114W  Elevation 925 ft

This cemetery is on a hill along the west side of East Atlanta Road and stretches on the ridge to
Stagecoach Road. This cemetery is very old.  It is claimed by Trinity UM Church of Stockbridge as
well as Floyd Chapel Baptist Church of Stockbridge.  These are African American Churches.  The
problem is that some of the graves are likely
white settlers also.  There is also the likelihood that some of the graves are Indian graves also.  This
cemetery is very large and has mainly fieldstones for head markers.
There are many unmarked graves and it will take archaeological study to find all the graves which
there seem to be many.  The cemetery was encroached upon many years ago when Stagecoach Road
was realigned to its present position.  Many of the graves were destroyed by this work.  This was in a
time when people did not care about the dead and it didn't matter what color.  At the hill side at this
site there have been Indian artifacts found at the site.  Also, through research into old records there
cannot be found anything about a church being at this site.  A sign on the property says that the site
goes back to 1817 and if this is the case it would have been started by Indians because the first white
settler in Old Stockbridge did not arrive until about 1824.  This site is in terrible shape and has been
reported to the proper authorities with the county.
There is a sign there that says it is taken care of by the Juvenile Court but it seems they have forgotten
it.  This site will be further studied and updates will be coming on this site as information comes in.