Old Sharon Baptist Church cemetery site.

This cemetery is located on Turner Church Road, one half mile west of north Ola RD.
GPS coordinates N33 28. 492 W084 02. 493 ( 646 Feet above sea level)

Survey date Thursday June 28, 2007

This cemetery dates back to the 1800's the church has moved to the new location on North
Ola RD.
This cemetery has seen vandalism take place for years; it also has seen storm damage.
Although the grass is cut periodically the damage by vandalism and storms has taken a toll on
this cemetery.  There are many aboveground box Crips that are broken open and have
collapsed, some of these include infant babies Crips.  Some of the wrought-iron fence has been
crushed and damage and is in disrepair.  A letter to the pastor of the church revealed to us that
the church prefers to spend their money in other endeavors, instead of taking care of their own
cemetery.  This is a very disturbing fact we believe the county may need to step in and declare
this cemetery abandoned.  This is one cemetery that we will keep an eye on to check any
progress that may occur.

*** CODE SECTION *** 12/03/01 36-72-3. Counties, anywhere within the county
boundaries, and municipalities, anywhere within the municipal boundaries, are authorized, jointly
and severally, to preserve and protect any abandoned cemetery or any burial ground which the
county or municipality determines has been abandoned or is not being maintained by the person
who is legally responsible for its upkeep, whether or not that person is financially capable of
doing so, to expend public money in connection therewith, to provide for reimbursement of such
funds by billing any legally responsible person or levying upon any of his property as authorized
by local ordinance, and to exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire any interest in land
necessary for that purpose.
Update: The Old Sharon Church Cemetery
The cemetery located on Turner Church Rd. continues to decay. This cemetery is one of the most
historical areas in Henry County and now it looks like a wasteland. There are many Civil War
Veterans buried here and even the family who helped to push for a monument on the McDonough
Square are buried here.  One would think that the SCV whose charter states that they are to look
after the graves of the Civil War dead from the south. They are letting them down.  Even across the
stone wall is a slave portion of this cemetery and a Union Soldier is buried there in an unmarked
grave. The sad part of all is that this cemetery should never had gotten to this state of decline.  
Whether it be the Church, SCV, or the County’s fault this should never happen. It is a disgrace for us
and our fore fathers to endure. We have written the Church and will let you know what they say
about this.
Video of the Cemetery