The Original McDonough Cemeteries GPS 33 26.920N 84 08.613W  EL. 910 Ft.

The first graveyard created for the town of McDonough was on the northeast corner
of a lot belonging to the Presbyterian Church which was on Lawrenceville or Gwinnett
Street at the time. (see map)  The first death was the daughter of Mr. Turner Evans.  She would be the
first burial in McDonough.  After several other people were buried
here, there was another site selected for the cemetery on the hill near the old home
of Capt. A.C. Sloan, where at this site stood the Methodist Church.  The cemetery
was thought to be too close to the Big Spring where the people got most of their water.  So, it was
relocated to it's present location on property donated by Judge
Q.R. Nolan.  Many of the bodies were dug up and taken to the new location.  But not all were
removed.  The people still remaining near the old Methodist Church site are
a Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Bradford, Mrs. William Brown, and Mrs. Hunt.  There is a parking lot at this
location today.  This is to the memory of those early settlers who deserve

1. Mr. Scrip Speer, 1908.
2. The Mother of Counties, Mrs. V.T. Rainer, 1971.