â€œHenry  County and the War in Viet-Namâ€�
The United States began giving aid to French forces in Indo-China in 1950 to try and keep
Communism from spreading  into that area.  The Northern part of Viet-Nam was under the
leadership of Ho Chi Minh.  The Southern part of Viet-Nam wanted to remain a democracy.  The
country was split along the 17th parallel and a demilitarized zone was created.  By the early 1960â
€™s the North had begun an offensive against the South.  By 1964 the United States who already
had support troops in Viet-Nam began a major offensive to send troops and weapons to drive the
North back.  The other nations bordering Viet-Nam such as Laos, Cambodia, and China were being
affected by the conflict.  The United States lost over 54,000 troops and many hundreds of thousands
were wounded and many captured.  Henry County once again sent many  of their young men into the
jungles of Southeast Asia.  Some came home giving  the ultimate sacrifice.
A plaque was placed on the square in McDonough honoring those who gave that ultimate price.  A
monument to those that gave their lives in Viet-Nam was established in Washington DC.  It would be
known as the Wall.
The war in Viet-Nam began in 1950 and we sent so many.  The U.S. made a treaty to stop the aerial
bombing in 1973 in exchange for our prisoners of war.  Then South Viet-Nam fell to the North in
1975 and the United States had a massive pullout of our military personnel and all the South
Vietnamese that could escape, and the country of Viet-Nam
Was consolidated into one country again under Communist rule.

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               â€œViet Namâ€�
“Many thousands of our young men fought and died in the hot forbidding jungles of Southeast
Asia.  They fought to protect a sovereign nation from being invaded from it’s neighbor which had
split and went another way.  But in the end another stalemate would weigh itself upon our nation.  Our
boys came home and what they fought and died for became part of the communist world.  Many
have asked what we fought for in Viet Nam,
and all they need to remember is for freedom and liberty which we had done the same for ourselves.  
With memorial to the dead we can see those who gave their lives and give some closure to a time
filled with pain with God’s help.�

                         The Staff of the CRG