â€œHenry County and the War on Terror and Iraqâ€�
Today we are still in the midst of the War on Terror that began by an attack on the United States on
Sept. 11, 2001. The terrorist’s of a group known as Al Quaida  from Afghanistan with aid of the
Taliban government.  Their leader is Osama Bin Laden form Saudi Arabia.  We followed into war
trying to bomb them out in 2002 to now.  We also moved into Iraq and fought our way into the
country.  The leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein
Was captured and tried by the people of Iraq for crimes against humanity.  He was sentenced and
hanged.  Henry County has sent several of our young men and women to fight the different factions in
Iraq.  We are blessed to have our military protect us so we can remain safe here at home.  But there
is so much to do as we haven’t finished the job.
To date we have lost over 4,000 in this war in the Middle East.  Hopefully, it will end on a day with
peace on earth.

                         â€œThe Iraq War and Terrorâ€�
“May God give us the strength to complete our mission in Iraq with a smaller loss of life than we
have seen.  And may He guide us along our path to fight an unknown enemy in Terror. Terror has a
face covered in shadows, lurking to attack and it will always be there
as it has been there since man first walked the earth.  â€œTerrorâ€� is an enemy of man’s own
cause that will always be fought as long as there is man.�
                                               The Staff at the CRG