â€œHenry County and The First World Warâ€�
Henry County supplied many men to the cause of fighting WWI.   This was to be “The War to
End All Wars.â€�  Many of these men would not return home and many returned maimed and
suffering from a new type of warfare.  This was Chemical Warfare as the Germans began using
Mustard Gas on the men in the field.  There were places known
As the Somme, the Marne, the Ardenne, and the Verdun.  The trenches were death traps with areas
known as no man’s land in between the enemies.  New weapons would be used such as the tank,
the airplane, and the U-boat or submarine.  But Henry Countians
Would do their part to conquer an enemy far from our shores once more.  See the following
attachments for more details.

1. The Mother of Counties, Mrs. Rainer, 1971.
2. World War I, by Louis Snyder, 1958.

                 â€œWorld War Iâ€�
“Gazing upon the past, we remember the valiant men who fought a war in a far away land.  This
place would be the scene for many a quiet moment etched upon the quills of time.  Those men who
fought in trenches of agony and now lie in solitude in the fields
so far away.  A war that was to end all wars, but only the reality of man’s inner self will
accomplish that feat.  May God look down in quiet refrain and harbor the souls of those
long ago in the fields of France.�
The Staff at the CRG