Albert Grave Yard GPS 33 35.237N 84 06.133W  Elevation 835 feet.

This cemetery is located on East Fairview Road in Rockdale County.  This area was once Henry
County.  The cemetery is that of Dr. Albert and family.  The cemetery headstones are not legible any
more.  There are several fieldstones with an elaborate granite enclosure.  There are several fieldstone
and granite enclosure graves on the outside ot the main cemetery.  The weathering and past vandalism
is making the site deteriorate to the point that it will one day one will not be able to read the stones at
The cemetery needs some cleaning and some repair is needed to the stone structures and headstones.  
The cemetery is very old as some of the graves do date from the mid 1860's.  The cemetery does not
appear to be in any danger from development.