The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Wall GPS 33 33.999N 85 02.695W El 1048'
and Park

This site is located on Hwy 27 in the City of Carrollton.  This wall represents the veterans who served and
gave their lives in all the wars from the Revolutionary War to today's War on Terror in the sands of the
Middle East.  The walls involved in this memorial are made of black marble and some of white marble and
hightlighted with etchings denoting the various branches of the service.
"To those of Carroll County who are named here whether they be of yesterday or today
we salute your valor whether you served in time of piece or gave the ultimate sacrifice for your nation."  To
the people of Carroll County when one visits the memorial remember those names listed on those marble
stones.  They have kept you free and safe from the those who would have this nation destroyed.  Thank God
for those who served and walked that mile and saved freedom for all Americans and brought liberty to so
many around the world.

                                                             With gratitude and respect
                                                              The Staff at the CRG