The Crowley Family Cemetery—Parking Lot of old Columbia Mall/Avondale Mall, DeKalb County, Georgia on
Memorial Drive at Columbia Drive.  Connection to Henry County and the Tuggle Family.

If you have ever been to the area at the old Columbia Mall on Memorial Drive in DeKalb County, you can’t miss the
stone structure in the parking lot near where Davidson’s/Macy’s once occupied the store.  The cemetery on top of
the stone structure is the Crowley Family Cemetery which sits some 20 feet above the surrounding area today.  
According to records from research done by Franklin Garrett (the most renowned historian for the Atlanta area) in
1931, the property was that of James Crowley b. 1772 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia consisted of 500 acres of
good land.   The property was scouted by out by his father Benjamin Crowley in 1792.  Benjamin was b. 1730 in
Virginia and d. in Greene County, GA in 1817.  He was married to Sarah Strong 1742-1830.   James Crowley their
son was married to Dorcus Smith 1779-1853.  Their children were as follows:
George W.
Benjamin b. 8/3//1812 d. 1/3/1869
Married Mary Tuggle b. 1810 d. 1863  She was the sister of William L. Tuggle who married Orrie Cox Hinton and
settled in Henry County just above the Little Cotton Indian Creek  Their graves are in the wooden enclosure along
Hwy 42 S at Parkland Drive in Stockbridge, Georgia.  The father and mother of William Tuggle and his sister Mary
were Thomas Tuggle 1772-1822 born in Pittsylvania County Virginia and d. in Greene, County Georgia with his
wife Nancy Hawthorne Tuggle.   Thomas Tuggle and Benjamin Crowley (James’ father) settled their families in
Greene County, GA from Pittsylvania Co. Virginia in the pioneer days of 1800.  James Crowley would move to what
is now DeKalb County and William Tuggle would move to Henry County and his sister married the son  of  James

As is referenced William L. Tuggle owned several slaves of which the slave cemetery behind the Chevron on Hwy
138 E in Stockbridge was begun with the Hinton and Love Families.  Benjamin and Mary Tuggle Crowley owned 16
slaves at their property in DeKalb County.  It is not known where the slave cemetery is for these people because it
is lost to the ages.  Only the Lord knows where they are today.

Here is further information from the Genweb Tombstone Inscription Project:
There are eleven graves housed within a stone wall
mausoleum that standson the fringe of the mail's
parking area.

There are seven adults and four children marked by
box tombs uninscribed.

These include the graves of:

James Crowley, Sr.,

Dorcas Smith Crowley

James Crowley, Jr..

Information about uninscribed graves furnished by a daughter of Benjamin Crowley and granddaughter of James
Crowley, Sr..

Other names are as follows:

Delaney Cross-Wife of Zachariah D. Cross-died April 17, 1892. Age 82 years.---

Zachariah D. Cross-Aug 15, 1815-Nov. 18, 1891.

Benjamin Crowley- Aug. 03, 1812-Jan. 03, 1869.

James Crowley, no inscribed marker. Died 1828. Came to DeKalb County from Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Dorcas Smith Crowley, no inscribed marker. Died about 1851 or 1852. Wife of James Crowley, Sr..

James Crowley, Jr., no inscribed marker. Died when a young man.

Mary J. Crowley, July 12, 1810- Sept.14,1863. Wife of Benjamin Crowley.

John Hawkins, no inscribed marker. Father of John M. Hawkins. This was recorded Dec. 11, 1931.

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Side Note: I remember the cemetery in the parking
lot at Columbia Mall when I was a child.  It was always an imposing sight.  I personally knew a descendant of the
Crowley Family, the late Mr. Ralph Jones who passed away in 2010 in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Mr. Ralph had the
Texaco Service Station in the corner of the property where Columbia Mall sits.  He was a salesman and sold
service station supplies around the Atlanta area.