Indian Springs Primitive Baptist Cemetery  GPS 33 15.135N 83 55.729W

This is a very old cemetery.  As a matter of fact one of the oldest cemeteries in Butts County.  The
cemetery lies within the confines of Indian Springs State Park.  It
is made up of many fences and sections some not discernable.  It is not well maintained and some
markers are broken. (This information is courtesy of the Butts Co. Genealogical Society c2000 Butts
Co. Cem. Book survey done 1999).   Update:
2008 the cemetery continues to decline.  Several trees have fallen across the graves and damaged the
walls that surround the grave sites. Many tombstones have been
damaged by people and from the fallen trees.  Time has not been good to this cemetery. There are
several well known family names in this cemetery.  They include
Dr. William Whitehead and his wife Mary Lucy Whitehead who passed away in 1878.
A Civil War Veteran Francis M. Britton Co. I    45th GA Inf CSA.  He passed away in 1908.  There
are also members of the Cleveland family, Bryans family, Greene family,
Mobley family, Gibson family, Neal family, Williamson family, Varner family, and Saunders family.  
There are many more families here.  There is a total of 129 graves at the site. Our group will be in
touch with the Butts County government about whether they are the entity to take care of this
cemetery or if it is the responsiblity of the State
to take care of it.  For all purposes this cemetery has been abandoned.  State and local laws state that
if a cemetery has been abandoned then it is the responsibility of the local government to take care of
said cemetery.  We will check and will update further on the progress of this investigation.
Thanks to Richard Dervan
For letting us use his photo below he took
When he visited the cemetery.
He said that there was a couple of graves that had relatively fresh
artificial flowers on them, so I assume that some people still care about
their past loved ones.