Tanner’s Baptist Church Cemetery   33 37.905N 84 18.627W  Elevation 939 Ft.

This church and cemetery which began in old Henry County is now in Clayton
The cemetery is located on the west side of Old Tanner’s Church Road across
the road from the church.  The church and cemetery predate the Civil War.  The
cemetery is in excellent condition and is quite large because of the large amount of
families buried there of those who built this area.  Mr. William Thames and his wife  
Rachel are buried here.
He was a pioneer to old Henry County and a Veteran of the War of 1812.  His home
was west of this area where the Georgia State Farmers Market is located today.  The
Old Stagecoach Road ran past their homestead.  The Civil War came to their home
in 1864 when General Schofield USA used their home for a headquarters.   This
cemetery contains a large amount of history.  I does not seem to be in any danger at
this time.