"Lost Civil War Grave at the corner of Mercer Rd
                           and Covington Hwy in DeKalb County"

There was a grave of a Confederate Soldier who was unknown at the corner of Mercer Rd and
Covington Hwy in DeKalb County.  The grave was covered by a wooden shelter and a very nice
Memorial was built out of stone and mortar at the foot of the grave.  On top of the Memorial was two
cannon balls,  a hotchkiss shell, and some unfired .58 cal. bullets that were mortared into the top.  It
said on the little plaque placed on top of the marker, " Here lies an unknown Confederate Soldier who
lost his life near here from wounds sustained in the Battle of Decatur Georgia in July 1864."
Today this grave has been destroyed by development by MARTA as a bus shelter has
replaced the Memorial and the grave. It is more that likely that the grave is underneath the concrete of
the bus shelter.  It is truly a shame that a person died for what he believed and in the name of progress
not only his body is desecrated but the memory of what he stood for is forgotten to the ages.